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Forget About It – Semesterprojekt 2020/21

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  • Lito is living with his father who suffers from memory loss after an accident. It’s hard for  him to feel sympathy for the comical old man who he has to take care of like a child, when remembering their past conflicts and the impossibility for them to get closure. The tension between them unravels while walking together towards a Fridays for future demonstration.
    The story examines generational conflicts. The Father character appears as the now archetypical Boomer figure. The fact that he doesn’t remember anything and only wants to have fun echoes the attitude of people who hold on to the way of life they always had, regardless of the damaging effect in can have.The son, as an activist, could embody something more hopeful. But ultimately, trying to look after his sick father, he is also holding on to some-thing toxic.
    Emile Cerf
    Prof. Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi
    Semesterprojekt im Hauptstudium
    Visuelle Kommunikation
    Boomer Frösche Klimawandel
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