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Making Kin, 2021

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  • Making Kin is an ongoing performance work by Sofie B. Ringstad. In it, she acquires a generic, petite plant as her constant companion, attempting to illuminate its potential for mobility on multiple levels.
    On one hand, the work is a reflection on contemporary currents in ecofeminist discourses. By including the plant in her routines, Ringstad is questioning what making of inter-species kin might entail, what social mobility a plant is able to have in anthropoid terms, and if this shift is one the plant can benefit from or enjoy.
    The work must also be viewed from the side of the plant. Totally detached from its roots (sic), it’s only trace of nativity is its “Plant Passport”, stamped industrially on the side of its pot. Can the plant, by engaging in human activities, be granted some form of autonomy or changed status by the people it meets on its way? Can it be considered as an animate being with personhood?

    For full work description, please visit Ringstad portfolio here.

    Photos by Carlos C. Juica A. and Sofie B. Ringstad

    Sofie B. Ringstad | Portfolio sofiebakkeringstad.cargo.site

    Sofie B. Ringstad
    Prof. Dr. Bonaventure Ndikung, Sunette L. Viljoen
    Semesterprojekt im Hauptstudium
    Raumstrategien Theorie und Geschichte
    Übergeordnetes Projekt
    Making Kin
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