n(Breath), 2021

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  • This is a monument to Breath. Something invisible but weighty. Especially when it begins to be regulated and controlled.
    The Breath Monument has to be installed in the "lungs of Berlin" in the Tiergarten. It is a glass that cuts through the "lungs", a transparent invisible, but a significant barrier that does not allow anything to pass through. Canceling the operation of air penetration. Symbolic cancellation of the interchange. A transparent wall that subjugates animals, people, air to its own rules. Lack of interchange is emphasizing the importance of Breath. Make Breath visible.
    One can get confirmation of presence just by breathing. The feeling of another's breath indicates there is someone else. It can be supportive, disturbing, annoying, vital, whatever. Breath is an interchange. This is the penetration into my body of something that does not belong to it - air. It is an interchange, transformation and releases back into space, something that was a part of me. Breathing is a violation of my boundaries. My presence is an interchange, is a violation of boundaries.

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    Denis Esakov
    Prof. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Sunette L. Viljoen
    Kurs im Hauptstudium
    Übergeordnetes Projekt
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