Overstimulation, 2020

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  • Reading Slavoj Žižek “How to read Lacan” brought me back to Freud and psychoanalysis. How much we are driven by our ego and how important self-reflection is. In this intense confrontation with myself and the lockdown, I came to a point of over-stimulation. All the outside influences of the distraction, like series, podcasts, phone messages, social media - it was all too much. Many feelings that needed space and that I have granted this to. In the form of pencil drawings of geometric shapes and different shades of gray, I was able to find a way to deal with these feelings. This self-healing process should then be continued on the textile level. The result is a fabric with fragile and stable areas. Different shades of gray, loose and dense areas appear in wave-like intervals, like feelings that come and go quickly. However, the textile element should not appear in isolation in a room, but rather interact and connect with its environment, which is not always under control. For the UNTITLED (NO VISITORS) exhibition, the textile is combined with a metal frame. An extreme connection between the delicate fabric and the rusted, dirty and life-marked frame, the elements merge into a figurative object in the room. Weaving (Cotton, Wool, Linen) 130 cm x 73 cm Drawing (pencil) 297 mm x 210 mm  
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    installation Typografie Weaving
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