Penthaus à la Parasit, 2020 - ongoing

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  • The Penthouse à la Parasit tries to resist this accelerating housing market. Instead of being expelled to the periphery of the city, it squats the roof. Before, the spaces on roofs were usually reserved for the exclusive Penthouses. Now these places have been appropriated by the Penthaus à la Parasit as it begins to recapture the houses from top to bottom. An appropriation from above was realized by looking at the niches and gaps and inhabiting them. Therefore the Penthaus à la Parasit began to experiment with the limits and norms of the building laws and ownership. Thereby it challenges these set hierarchies of the housing market and the order of the city. The parasitic of the penthouse is represented by occupying the niches of the city, in the inversion of power relations and at the same time, by pointing out a room to maneuver as each system allows. It raises the question: To whom does the rooftop belong to? And who actually is the host and the parasite? Are the residents parasites or the owners? Is it the Penthaus à la Parasite? Or is it in fact, the Property à la Parasite?
    Jakob Wirth, Alexander Sacharow
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    Penthaus à la Parasit
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