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Starmole – Grundlagenkurs 2021

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  • 1. Personal and cargo traffic will have been transplanted to an underground tunnel system. The public personal transport system will be called „starmole“. It will have public entrance stations throughout the city as well as entrances connected to all private urban housing. Individual or group-size capsules will transport all people from the age of 8. „Stella the starmole“ as a mascot to make it visually appealing for kids using the capsules. Old U-Bahn-tunnels will be recycled to serve the new system. Cargo will be distributed by either the „nightcrawlers“ during nighttime (when starmole tracks are used less frequently) or the much smaller „escargos“ above ground at a speed of max. 30km/h, not being a threat to human pedestrians. They, along with cyclists, will be the only ones allowed to use above ground surfaces in urban areas/cities. Police, fire department and ambulance etc. will have aviant access to all cases of emergency. 2. Traffic-signs will be obsolete in 2205. They can be taken apart and recycled in a workshop for kids and teenagers to become lampshades furniture etc. Using former street-surface fot communal activity such as workshop etc. will be firm part of urban life and city-organized. 3. Old speed-cameras will be obsolete, too. They can be transformed into 30km/h speed sensitive public cameras with which „open urban photo-rallys“ could be organized. People would be motivated to have a sporty day, and use the analogue cameras to shoot sporty family-/schoolclass-portraits all over town. Choose best portraits after rally. Make exhibition (at großer Stern). Counts as communal activity. City-organized
    Kseniia Apresian, Raffael-Lucca Fiedler, Nicolas Weiler
    Matthias Hübner
    Visuelle Kommunikation
    Speculative Design Transport Verkehr
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