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STATES OF IRREVERSIBILITY | A Speculative Sand Sculpture Festival, 2021

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  • While sand surrounds us on all sides in the Anthropocene cities, it only appears as its naked self on children’s playgrounds; spaces that are bi-products of the industrialized, urbanized modernity. In the paradoxically innocent, soft landscape of the sandbox, an arena for exploration, learning and inventing is facilitated for the dreamers of tomorrow – and on these grainy carpets, States of Irreversibility: A Speculative Sand Sculpture Festival reveals itself.

    Similar to the allotted cubicles of biennales and art fairs, the works of the festival appear within defined, grid-like frames. They are, however, released from the suppressing constraints of traditional Western exhibition structures, as their form is in radical, constant development, shaped collectively by actors in various capacities, abilities and levels of awareness: The works are in eternal states of irreversibility.

    For festival details and full curatorial text, visit the FB event here.

    Sofie B. Ringstad | Portfolio - sofiebakkeringstad.cargo.site
    Sofie B. Ringstad
    Paz Guevara, Pınar Öğrenci
    Semesterprojekt im Hauptstudium
    Raumstrategien Theorie und Geschichte
    Übergeordnetes Projekt
    STATES OF IRREVERSIBILITY | A Speculative Sand Sculpture Festival
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