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The Plantoid Chronicles – Kurs 2020/21

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  • During this course we were required to edit the article “The Intelligent Plant” by Michael Pollad and use it to create an editorial website. Inspired by the film The Secret Life of Plants, peculiar looking plants, cover designs for science fiction books, and animated films from the seventies I started creating my vision of a sci-fi future in which the world has been taken over by sentient plants. I used the original text of the article as a documentation of human life and the evolution of the plants in this imaginary world. I called my project The Plantoid Chronicles. I started by creating some initial sketches and experimenting with the different ways that the animated illustration and text could work together and respond to each other. I then finished the first illustration for my project and proceeded to animate it using Procreate and afterwards animating it together with the text using Photoshop. My illustration depicts a huge space plant walking slowly from one side of the screen to the other with the text of the article flowingly moving on top of it inspired by the motion of seaweed in the ocean. The text then straightens and becomes legible to the reader. I would like to thank Christoph Miler and Isabel Seiffert from Offshore Studio for their guidance and support.
    Mia Hall
    Offshore Studio
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    Journeys through the Secret Life of Plants
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